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A Beginners Guide to WordPress Professional

WordPress is a wonderful content management system, initially it started as a blogging platform where bloggers created and published various articles and posted about items they enjoyed or loved but now it has evolved into a multibillion-dollar company and it is used by about 60% of all internet users, I’m talking about those who have websites or blogs. 

WordPress.org vs wordpress.com

WordPress has two segments , wordpress.org which is the professional aspect of WordPress and wordpress.com. 

WordPress.com is a blogging platform where internet newbies who would like to start a blog for free can register and start their blogging journey , it comes with pre-built settings and functions and easy to use templates that can be customized to create something of their own taste. The features available are limited because it’s free, though a blogger can upgrade to one of their premium plans to enjoy other features. 

WordPress.org is the professional arm of WordPress, it’s a hub for developers, web designers other professionals who make use of the WordPress system. At WordPress.org, free themes,plugins and the latest version of the WordPress system can be downloaded. Themes and plugins built by developers can also be submitted for it to be added to the wordpress repository ( a ware house of free themes and plugins ). Complaints or issues that pertains to the wordpress system, the plugins or themes in it’s repository can be attended to on this platform. 

WordPress can be used to develop a lot of concepts . Here’s a list of some concepts you can use WordPress for 

  • Blog
  • Corporate website ( company or agency )
  • E – commerce store 
  • Vlog ( video blog ) 
  • Membership site
  • Social network or club
  • News website 
  • School website & management system

And so much more, the list is endless.

Think of a concept and perhaps there will be a theme or plugin to bring that concept to life.

The WordPress Installation file ( Zip file) 

This is the content management system in it’s glory,  it comes as a package  in a zip file containing various files which are components that make the entire structure. As as a system WordPress has its own working mechanism, structure and processes. Periodically WordPress developers improve the WordPress CMS  by including new features or removing existing features that might be causing an issue. They update various segments of the entire system in order to make it more user-friendly and efficient.  Check out the latest version of wordpress.

In the WordPress system, style is separated  from functionality. The themes  are used to style and beautify the WordPress site while the plugins are used to add functionality to the site. A plugin or theme might have an extra component called an “Addon”, this is just an extra feature of that plugin or theme.

WordPress Theme

A theme is a file that contains all styles and customizations for a given template, see a theme like a new clothe or outfit. It gives the site a different look. Every theme is unique with its own features and settings. 

wordpress repository
wordpress repository

There are free and premium themes, the free themes can be gotten from the WordPress repository, in most cases a pro version of a given theme will be suggested to the user since it has more features. The premium themes can be bought directly from a developer or a theme market such as themeforest. Prices for themes vary .

Visit the wordpress theme repository.

Learn how to upload and install a theme on WordPress 

WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a file that contains scripts and codes that perform a given function on a website. Every plugin has a unique function which is specific to the purpose it was created for. Some examples include :

  • Updraftplus ( site backup )
  • Contact form 7 ( forms )
  • All in one SEO ( page and website SEO)
  • W3 total cache ( site speed optimization)
  • Imagify ( image optimization )
  • Monster insights (analytics)
  • Woocommerce ( E-commerce)
  • Memberpress (Membership)
  • Buddypress ( Social platform)

And so much more 

There are free and also paid (premium) plugins .

Visit the WordPress plugin repository

Learn how to upload and install a plugin on WordPress 

How WordPress works 

WordPress isn’t just made up of pages like some custom built sites, rather WordPress works with templates and processes, for instance if someone accesses a website for the first time e.g mywordpresswebsite.com , the WordPress system picks a page template from it’s library , then loads the styles for the theme that is active, after which every component or content that makes up that page is loaded, all these happens in miliseconds . A fast WordPress website is dependent on how efficient it’s server is. 

Learn some optimization techniques to speed up your WordPress site.

A WordPress website can be made to just behave as a blog or configured to act as a proper website with a blog as a feature. All these can be configured from the settings panel or customization page. 

As amazing as WordPress is, it has its pros and cons, the good thing is , there’s always a fix or solution for any given issue or problem one can encounter.

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